“Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice”


This is Alma Group’s answer to optimise resources in the generation and adaptation of services and content accessible from any device.

Designed completely with J2EE technology, esmero platform offers its clients three models to complete a multi-device development.

  • Non intrusive mobilisation of an existing application.
  • Adaptation of the presentation layer of an existing web application to one which implements Vista Controller Model.
  • Development of a multi-device web application.

Using esmeroPlatform, web designers and developers will be able to create content and applications without having to consider what type of device it is developed for.

Also; to provide an answer for the differing needs of our clients, in Alma we have developed different options of esmeroPlatform.



It is an intrusive model which permits the development of web applications which can be accessed from any device, including conventional web navigation. It provides the set of API’sd which a developer needs to generate multifaces multi-device.

Using esmeroFrameWork our clients don’t have to create different versions of the page to adapt it to each one of the channels or devices it has been decided to include.



It is the ideal appliance solution for the non intrusive mobilisation of existing applications, permitting access to the mobilised page from any mobile device with internet connection.

With one call to Java Clases, or through the definition of xml files, it is possible to obtain the required information from a web page, and thereafter, use it to present it in a page adapted to a specific terminal.



A tool designed and constructed to automatically permit operator clients access to the products and services available in the web environment, convert them to be accessible for any mobile device, and without the necessity for previous mobilization developments. This with high fidelity to the original presentation of the information.

The advanced technology of esmeroSurfer completes a non intrusive mobilisation of the originals from the web without implying any modifications to the architecture of its applications. This is achieved through a process of automatic transcodification in real time which takes into account all the variables of the user terminal.