Alma Group Technologies listens to your needs and we work together to develop the optimum solution. We help your success by optimizing your costs and delivering innovation.


Since its creation in 1994, the Alma Group is recognized for its capacity to understand the needs of markets and its clients providing innovative technological solutions which help to optimize processes in companies and also to improve their results.

Our working philosophy is not to worry ourselves looking for innovative solutions, but rather to occupy ourselves with full commitment to developing them to fully satisfy the technological needs of our clients.

With a high degree of specialization, Alma Group Technologies works multi-sectorially developing projects in: Telecommunications, Banking, Public Administration, Defense, Energy, Distribution and Consumer Goods and other supply areas.

The Alma Group has focused its activities in; IT Consulting, the Management of Infrastructures and Applications, Technology Outsourcing, Support and Maintenance, Development of Web/Intranet/Extranet platforms and the development and commercialization of its own products such as WebOpinion and Esmero, its mobility platform. Our Banking & Finance R&D investments are now producing our first advanced risk suite solution: Dataltech Golden Price EDM

With more than 950 professionals in the global market, the Alma Group is present in Spain, Chile, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Similarly, our Group maintains collaboration agreements with many leading companies and institutions which permit us to lead processes of Investigation, Development and Innovation. We are a privately owned company of 100% Spanish capital.

The Alma Technologies Group

The Alma Technologies Group is a multi-national corporation of companies specialists in providing technology solutions to large companies and institutions.

Since 1994, the Group has worked with the objective of providing a complete solution to the needs of its clients from the basis of a shared vision: “Information Technology is a necessary medium through which excellence is achieved”.

The best professionals specializing in each activity area, the best collaboration agreements with global market leading information technology companies, and our constant investments in R&D have helped the Alma Technologies Group achieve optimal quality levels which permit us to respond in a comprehensive way to the real needs of our clients.

From the point of view of the geographic coverage of the company, the Alma Technologies Group has corporate offices in Spain, Chile and Columbia. Also, our international philosophy sees us actively working in other countries such as: Argentina, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru.

R&D Specialization

The Alma Group concentrates its investments in R&D in new information technologies, principally working in projects for mobility and knowledge management.

Since 1997 we have achieved significant growth creating new solutions moving us closer to technological advances in society. We specialize in the area of mobility through products designed to provide easy access from any type of device, network and service provider to applications and content, irrespective of domain or location. For the knowledge management sector we want to facilitate the relationship between different types of users and highly valuable information within organizations.

In the Alma Group we have full confidence in our solutions and services because they not only bring benefits to society as a whole whilst improving the daily lives of people; they also contribute to the development of our clients.

The Alma Group is synonymous with innovation and quality in the field of new technologies. Proven characteristics in all the services and tools which we develop day by day.

The Alma Group is also confidence and talent. Qualities of the expert teams and developers who form a key part of this company.

Alliances and Partnerships

The Alma Group develops and maintains collaboration alliances with leading technology companies, aiming to integrate technologies which complement our solutions, responding efficiently to the needs of our clients.