Work in Alma

Every brilliant idea grows within a business opportunity. Join us and discover the world of technological innovation.

Why work with ALMA?

Every brilliant idea deserves an environment in which to grow. Make a commitment and work with Alma to discover the world of information systems and technological innovation. Whatever your experience or training, a career with Alma Technologies will help you to:

-Build a profesional career. You can collaborate in a great diversity of projects and play a part in their development; participating in the extensive experience of Alma dedicated to Information Technology and R&D in the development of our own products and consulting.

-Develop and learn new abilities. You will work in teams with people of different cultures and nationalities with space for initiative and investigation. Alma is present in Latin America and the USA.

-Witness evolution and innovation. You will have a responsibility to never stop learning. You can access personalized training which will empower you to keep growing taking on new professional challenges.

-Be a part of our “Laboratory”. Strive for the “value of the answer”. ALMA believes that diversity drives innovation, investigation and personal solutions.

-Enrich your work experience. Your objectives: Collaboration, cultural integration, diversity in viewpoints and equal opportunities.